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* Do you know what the DNS spoofing is?

Suggested article: DNS spoofing (DNS poisoning)

You can find the DNS attack DNS spoofing, also called DNS poisoning. In recent years it gained a lot of popularity. For that reason, it is essential to understand correctly what happens when such a type of attack is initiated. Furthermore, it is crucial to know how you are able to defend yourself from a DNS spoofing (DNS poisoning) attack.

People who are initiating this DNS attack use modified DNS records. They are able to redirect online traffic to a fraudulent website. Ordinarily, this website and the original website are pretty alike. So, users don't notice any difference.

There are few several actions that you can take to defend from DNS spoofing (DNS poisoning) attacks:

  • Detection mechanisms.
  • Secure connection.

If you are curious to learn more, we are suggesting to you this following article explaining more about DNS spoofing (DNS poisoning).